Social Engine embarked on an ambitious growth plan during the year, acquiring the retail operations of Wheely Good Coffee and Pouring
for a Purpose from Whitelion Youth Services in October 2020, officially launching in December. This was made possible through the forging of key partnerships with VMCH, Dumu Balcony Cafe and Degani.

While this integration was underway, a targeted business-to-business (B2B) expansion added a comprehensive product range of high quality Australian standard workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) to our offer. This was through an innovative supply/donation partnership with Buy2Give and Workwear Direct bringing expertise in the infrastructure and rail sector. We also added the capacity to provide onsite vending machines for offices and construction sites via partnership with Berryman Transport/Clockwork Vending. Both of these initiatives aim to target
and serve Victoria’s booming building and construction sector and provide supply to the Victorian Government’s driven encouragement of social procurement in major government spend projects.

Additionally, we also have the Street Law Coffee Van in Frankston which is in partnership with Whitelion and Peninsula Community Legal Centre.
While the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic were, and continue to be, felt acutely, particularly at the Dandenong warehousing operation, Street Law
Van and the retail cafes. Social Engine assessed it’s operations and financial position quickly, acting swiftly to liaise with key clients and supply partners to establish business continuity where possible and continue providing employment opportunities for our cohort. Enormous thanks to Paul Coory, Esta Campbell and Brett Young for their resilience and positivity in managing our day to day operations. Additionally, we would also like
to thank our volunteers and supporters.

Further, Social Engine proactively secured a range of business support from Commonwealth and State Governments while also successfully securing capacity building/supporting grants that will underpin our operations and position Social Engine for growth during the much anticipated post-pandemic recovery. We finish the financial year in better shape than we started, are looking forward to a successful 2021 and of course, thank
all of our partners for their continued support.

Mark Watt, Colin Stimpson

Director, Social Engine