Our mission is to build life skills and provide work experience that enables ‘at risk’ youth to secure real jobs. 

Social Engine is a social enterprise that ‘powers young people into employment’.

Our mission is to build life skills and provide work experience that enables ‘at risk’ youth to secure real jobs. We exist to change the lives of many by getting young people into employment but also make a commitment to build awareness of the issues surrounding youth unemployment and create a financially viable and sustainable social enterprise. All profits are reinvested to drive even greater positive impact in the community.
As a unique and multi-faceted social enterprise, the focus is on ‘at-risk’ youth aged between 16 – 25 and offering diverse employment opportunities.
This currently includes 3 types of business;
• Logistics & Warehousing
• Site Services
• Hospitality & Catering

Our History.

To know the history of Social Engine you just need to know the lifelong work and commitment of our two directors Mark Watt (Whitelion Co-Founder) and Colin Stimpson (Associate Director, Social Ventures Australia). Both Mark and Colin have a long history of positively supporting ‘at risk’ youth. Mark as Co-Founder and founding CEO of Whitelion over a twenty year tenure has been involved in the creation of the social enterprises that now make up Social Engine. Colin’s extensive international management career in the for-profit sector is now directed at scaling up social enterprises and guiding industry and government to achieve social impact through social procurement. He is driven by a personal belief in the power of business to do good through balancing commercial and social purpose.

In September 2019 as part of Whitlion’s ‘Focus for Impact’ report that, in order to scale the operations and continue their social purpose of creating employment pathways for vulnerable young people, Whitelion would cease its social enterprise operations. As a result PAWS Fulfilment (est. 2013) and Pouring for a Purpose (formerly Wheelly Good Coffee, est. 2016) would transfer ownership, and Social Engine was born.

A new beginning

Social Engine Australia, the trading name of PAWS Fulfilment Pty Limited, is an independent registered Australian charity and a Social Traders certified social enterprise. This new beginning allows both directors to continue to positively impact ‘at risk’ young people’s lives by taking their passion for prevention, innovation and social enterprise to new levels.

Our ambition is simple, to continue to scale the business and increase the number of employment positions offered to disadvantaged youth.