About site services

By combining social and commercial purposes, Social Enterprises address issues such as unemployment and homelessness. Every dollar you spend with Social Engine creates new opportunities for at-risk young people.  

We offer an extensive range of quality workwear & safety products including the kitting of induction and welcome packs (over 1,000 products to choose from) in conjunction with our supply partner.

We also install, stock and maintain food and beverage vending machines on your work site.  Activate your social procurement by keeping your site staff fed and watered with Social Engine vending machines with the flexibility to select the products best suited to your needs.

So why engage Social Engine to provide your Site Services? 

The Victorian Government established the Social Procurement Framework policy (2018) that seeks to leverage government spending to achieve value for money that includes social impact.  With significant infrastructure investment creating a booming building and construction sector, every dollar your business or project spends with Social Engine underpins the operation that facilitates the work experience and on-the-job training opportunities we provide for at-risk youth and contributes to achieving your Social Procurement goals.

Here are our capability statements 

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